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OPEX III maintains full accounting profiles
for all transactions, it has been integrated
with HR and ERP systems such as SAP,
Oracle and Agresso.
IImprove the accuracy and speed of
picking and dispatch and reduce the cost
of stocktake activity by using the
integrated OPEX III Barcoding Module.
Answering Freedom of Information
Requests or maintaining Key Performance
Indicators.  OPEX III has the information
that is required with built in graphical
representations, and powerful report and
data downloads.
Sized Uniform and PPE equipment
(including serialised items) stored in
multiple warehouses tracked and managed. 
Management of stock level, including low
stock and automated reordering
capabilities.  Stock Valuation models based
on FIFO, Latest, Annual and Average costs. 
Full audit trail of all transactions.
Uniform and PPE requests can be paper
based, entered through the Officer
Shopping Trolley or captured by the
barcoding module.  OPEX III tracks all
aspects of the process Approvals,
Entitlements, Officer History and Usage,
Low Stock Levels, Serialised Items and Back
Ordering and Automated Fulfilment.
Complete Officer History and Size Profiles. 
Self Service option for Requisition Entry
and Tracking, Size Profiles and Equipment
Maintenance History and Certification.
Entitlement (Rank, Location and Usage)
based Catalogues and Specialised Kit
Management to streamline the issue

OPEX Uniform Management
21 St Andrews
Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 9PE
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1476 516 516